John Saltford_United Nations and the the Indonesian Takeover of West Papua, 1962–1969
John Roosa_Pretext for Mass Murder
John Roosa_Dalih Pembunuhan Massal
John Prados_Lost Crusader
John Philip Jones_Keynes’s Vision
John Perkins_Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
John O’Neill_Five Bodies
John Lechte_Fifty Key Contemporary Thinkers
John L. Esposito_Future of Islam
John Harriss_New Institutional Economics and Third World Development
John E. Ferguson Jr_White-Collar Crime
John Docker_Origins of Violence
John Benson_Trade Unions in Asia
John Agnew_Mastering Space
Jill Forshee_Culture and Customs of Indonesia
Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom_China in the 21st Century
Jeffrey B. Little_Understanding Wall Street
Jeff Haynes_Democracy and Political Change in the ‘Third World’
Jane Boulden_Terrorism and the UN
James W. McAuley_Politics, State and Society
James Bovard_Attention Deficit Democracy
Jacques Bertrand_Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict in Indonesia
Jack Goldsmith_Who Controls the Internet
Ian Parker_Revolution in Psychology
Ian Marsh_Democratisation, Governance, and Regionalism in East and Southeast Asia
Ian Marsh_Democracy, Governance, and Economic Performance
Ian Clark_Legitimacy in International Society
Ian Clark_Governance, the State, Regulation and Industrial Relations
Ian Chalmers_Politics of Economic Development in Indonesia
Hyman P. Minsky_John Maynard Keynes
Howard H.Lentner_Power and Politics in Globalization
Howard Dick_Emergence of a National Economy
Hishaam D. Aidi_Redeploying the State
Herbert Gintis_Moral Sentiments and Material Interests
Henry Kressel_Investing in Dynamic Markets
Helena Catt_Sub-State Nationalism
Harold James_End of Globalization Lessons from the Great Depression
Harold James_Creation and Destruction of Value the Globalization Cycle
Hans-Dieter Klingemann_Public Information Campaigns and Opinion Research
Ha-Joon Chang_Financial Liberalization and the Asian Crisis
Gordon de Brouwer_Financial Markets and Policies in East Asia
Gordon de Brouwer_Financial Markets and Policies in East Asia
Gerald Segal_Towards Recovery in Pacific Asia
Gerald F. Gaus_Handbook of Political Theory
George Soros_New Paradigm for Financial Markets
George Ritzer_Handbook of Social Theory
George Comstock_Psychology of Media and Politics
G. R. Steele_Economics of Friedrich Hayek
Frank Esser_Comparing Political Communication
François Bourguignon_Microeconomics of Income Distribution Dynamics
Francis Fukuyama_Blindside
Farid Elashmawi_Competing Globally
Everett Carl Dolman_Warrior State
Eugene Thacker_Global Genome
Esteban F.Thomsen_Prices and Knowledge
Ersel Aydinli_Globalization, Security, and the Nation-State
Erik Jones_2008 Presidential Elections
Eric Wilson_Government of the Shadows
Elizabeth A. Skewes_Message Control
Edwin Lefèvre_Wall Street Stories
Edward Lucas_New Cold War
Edward Gu_Chinese Intelectuals Between State and Market
Edward Aspinall_Opposing Suharto
Duncan McCargo_Media and Politics in Pacific Asia
Duncan K. Foley_Adam’s Fallacy
Douglas E.Ramage_Politics in Indonesia
Douglas Dowd_Capitalism and Its Economics
Donald P. Green_Get Out the Vote
Donald J.Porter_Managing Politics and Islam in Indonesia
Diane Morgan_Cosmopolitics and the Emergence of a Future
Democracy and Crisis
Deirdre A. Royster_Race and the Invisible Hand
Deborah L. Madsen_Beyond the Borders
David Weisburd_White-Collar Crime and Criminal Careers
David W. Moore_Opinion Makers
David T. Hill_Internet in Indonesia’s New Democracy
David Runciman_Politics of Good Intentions
David P. Levine_Poverty, Work, and Freedom
David P. Levine_Politics without Reason
David Miller_A Century of Spin
David Held_Cultural Politics in a Global Age
David Held_A Globalizing World
David Easton_Development of Political Science
David Chandler_Empire in Denial
David Chaikin_Corruption and Money Laundering
David Brown_State and Ethnic Politics in Southeast Asia
David B.H. Denoon_Economic and Strategic Rise of China and India
Darren G. Lilleker_Key Concepts in Political Communication
Dana D. Nelson_Bad for Democracy
Damien Kingsbury_Power Politics and the Indonesian Military
Dale Jacquette_Philosophy of Logic
Crispin Sartwell_Against the State
Craig Parsons_How to Map Arguments in Political Science
Costas Panagopoulos_Politicking Online
Conor O’Dwyer_Runaway State-Building
Cliff ord Geertz_Life among the Anthros and Other Essays
Chua Beng-Huat_Consumption in Asia
Christian Marazzi_Capital and Language
Christian Chua_Chinese Big Business in Indonesia
Chris Hann_Civil Society
Charles W. Carey, Jr_American Inventors, Entrepreneurs, and Business Visionaries
Caroline O. N. Moser_Reducing Global Poverty
Bryan S.Turner_Max Weber from History to Modernity
C. Edwin Baker_Media Concentration and Democracy
Bruce Zagaris_International White Collar Crime
Bruce Mazlish_Idea of Humanity in a Global Era
Brendan Sheehan_Understanding Keynes’ General Theory
Brenda S.A. Yeoh_State, Nation,Transnation
Boris Schlossberg_Technical Analysis of the Currency Market
Benjamin Graham_Security Analysis
Ben Thirkell-White_IMF and the Politics of Financial Globalization
Bassam Tibi_Islam between Culture and Politics
Awalil Rizky_Utang Pemerintah Mencekik Rakyat
Awalil Rizky_Neoliberalisme Mencengkeram Indonesia
Assaf Razin_Decline of the Welfare State
Arthur S. Banks_Political Handbook of Asia 2007
Ariel Heryanto_State Terrorism and Political Identity in Indonesia
April Carter_Political Theory of Global Citizenship
Ariel Heryanto_Challenging Authoritarianism in Southeast Asia
Antonio Negri_Negri on Negri
Antonie C.A. Dake_Sukarno File, 1965–1967
Anthony H.Birch_Nationalism and National Integration
Anthony H. Birch_Modern Democracy_3rd Edition
Anthony H. Birch_Modern Democracy_2nd Edition
Anthony F. Lang_Hannah Arendt and International Relations
Anne-Meike Fechter_Transnational Lives Expatriates in Indonesia
Anne-Marie Slaughter_New World Order
Angela Romano_Journalism and Democracy in Asia
Angel Rabasa_Indonesia’s Transformation
Andy Jones_Global Information Warfare
Andrew Walter_Analyzing the Global Political Economy
Andrew Linklater_Critical Theory and World Politics
Andrew Heywood_Political Theory
Andrew Heywood_Global Politics
Andrew Chadwick_Internet Politics
Andrea Fumagalli_Crisis in the Global Economy
Anastasios S. Korkotsides_Consumer Capitalism
Amy L. Freedman_Political Participation and Ethnic Minorities
Amy L. Freedman_Political Change and Consolidation
Amitai Etzioni_From Empire to Community
Amartya Sen_Public Health, Ethics, and Equity
Amartya Sen_Idea of Justice
Amartya Sen_Economic Inequality
Alison Brysk_National Insecurity and Human Rights
Alison Brysk_Globalization and Human Rights
Alison Brysk_Global Good Samaritans
Alessandro Roncaglia_Wealth of Ideas
Alan Freeman_Politics of Empire Globalisation in Crisis
Alan C. Elliott_Statistical Analysis Quick Reference Guidebook With SPSS Examples
Aidan Hehir_State-Building
Adrian Vickers_History of Modern Indonesia
Adam Smith_Wealth of Nations
‘Adam Smith’_Super Money
Abu-Rabi‘_Contemporary Arab Thought
Abdurrahman Wahid_Islamku Islam Anda Islam Kita
A.J.H. Latham_Intra-Asian Trade and the World Market
A. Gary Shilling_Age of Deleveraging
A. B. Atkinson_Top Incomes A Global Perspective
._’Adam Smith’_Super Money